18 Positively Positive Ways to Stay Positive

18 Positively Positive Ways to Stay Positive

Problems are endless in life and everyone faces adverse situations in Life. One should not let bad news or negativity ruin your day. Every day has something positive in it. Staying positive in those situations will not only make you happy but also gives strength to deal with almost any situation. It is our will so as to where to focus our attention on & respond to problems.

Learning to stay positive in life is invaluable. You can learn to cultivate that resilience by training your brain to stay positive during tough times. Here are 18 ways to stay positive.

#Create A Positive Surrounding

Negativity is contagious. It spreads from person-to-person merely by speaking to one another. First & the foremost point is to make a distance from negative people. Avoid negative people who drag you down or break down your morale or de-motivate you. Constructive guidance is acceptable but negativity should be a BIG NO. People around you influence your mind affecting your attitude and your outlook about things. People with whom who you spend maximum time are the real influencer of your character and thinking. Remember You are average of 5 people whom you spent your maximum time. Surround yourself with positive people, people who uplift you. When you stay with positive people, you allow their positivity to flow into your soul. Let this information in that supports you and once it enters your mind, no Negative situation can take your positive mindset away. This also includes your home, workplace or even your car. Put up pictures that make you feel happy, Carve out your life goals on house wall. Choose interiors of the home & car that uplifts you. Choose colours you like, furniture you would love to use and that perfectly suiting car model that makes your drive an excellent one.

#Be Grateful for what you have

People often run after things they want, and not need it. This is one of the main reasons why they are not happy. This sense of unsatisfaction brings a lot on negativity. Thus, you need to be grateful for what you have now and this will make you happy. Being happy doesn’t mean that you stop upgrading your lifestyle. But to stay positive you need to have a grateful heart & mind. This is a very simple and quick way to boost the positive energy in your life by giving a tap into gratitude.

#Start Positiviely

Start your day with positivity. How you spend your morning, sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have a positive uplift conversation with family members, read some good quotes or just dance! Starting positively can make a big difference for how your whole day will go.

#Exercise your mind and body

Exercising is a healthy activity for your body, but your mind needs it too. You need to use your mind so that it gets away with all the stress of the past day and to fill it up with new positive thoughts. Using the mind to change a situation is the best way to deal with any adversity in life. Simple meditation to power yoga is a great mental exercise. Even just 7-minutes of meditation a day has been shown to improve mood, decrease stress and improve sleep. Meditation makes you calmer, gives greater self-awareness and have better focus too. Physical exercise for the body also helps boost positivity. A good 8 hours of sound sleep is also very important.

#Live Today

Akbar once asked Birbal, what is the one line that you can say to make a happy person sad and vice versa. After a lot of thought, Birbal answers “This Time Will Pass”. Learn to accept this fact, that life won’t remain the same forever. So spend more time in the present moment, do not think of past or future. Do plan for the future, but don’t overthink and ruin today. When you purely live in the moment it becomes easier to access positive emotions. Thinking about past & future increases worries, which stress you. Do one thing at a time and focus on it completely. Simply doing this has a positive effect on you for the rest of the day. Enjoy the rains while it’s raining!

#Train Your Mind

Perception makes a situation Good or Bad. When you make your mind treat every situation as a learning lesson, you will be able to have a positive attitude towards life. Change your thinking, thinking will change your actions Positive actions will result in success. A classic example, I saw a video while being a trainee at one such Life Coaching sessions. This video shows a car racer who met with an accident and was left with his hands, legs & Spine paralyzed. For a couple of days after the accident, he was in the coma and came out of it after 5-6 days. The doctors made him understand his situation and the very next moment after the doctors left, he said: “I will walk out from this hospital” to the family member present & nurses. Every minute he uses to say this to himself. After 4 months a miracle happened & the guy could feel his legs & arms. Slowly & steadily after 8 months, he walked out of the hospital. What made this happen, the medicines, the doctors, the support from family. Yes, maybe. But the most important thing here was his positive feeling of walking again.

# Focus on Solution

Making errors is what makes you Human. If you commit a mistake, accept it & find a solution to the problem arisen. Speaking negatively about the situation won’t make it any better. If you make a mistake, whether it’s a verbal slip-up or anything of that sort, let it go. Don’t beat yourself up, everyone makes mistakes. Learn from your mistake. Remember people won’t remember it for long. Always Focus on solutions.

#Dont Fear Losing

There might be a number of sensible things that you want to do, but fearing the consequences you are not doing that. Things like starting a part-time business, or asking that guy out for a date. If we think of the results our mind starts getting fueled by negative thoughts. Surprisingly, if you ask yourself – “What is the worst that could happen?” you understand that there is nothing to lose. A counter question to negative thoughts will bring a lot of positivity in you. For most of the people, the results are usually less scary than what they actually feared. In worst cases, you might lose some money, which you can earn back OR the guy will say No. Finding clarity in this manner won’t take much time and avoids mind-made suffering. This also helps you to get going, step outside your comfort zone and take that chance. ‘Risk It To Have The Biscuit’.

#Forget & Forgive

Holding onto grudges boost negativity. Learn to forgive people, its a great karma. The quicker you forgive, the lesser you think about it & more you enjoy the present. Forgetting what has happened
will yield no results, instead learn from it and move on.

#Question Negativity

This is the simplest and effective ways of becoming an optimist. Every time you encounter a negative thought, you should counter that thought with a positive question. Example – Let’s say you lost a game of cricket and have following negative thought:
– How could this happen to me?
– Why I couldn’t score a good amount of runs?
– Was our team too weak?
Replace this questions with:
– No matter we lost but wasn’t our fielding today was outstanding?
– Did I gauged the ball correctly today, I need to focus more on pace bowling?
– What are the areas of improvement to make our team stronger?


Smile, It costs nothing. A simple smile on your face reduces stress, calms you down & give a pause to all the negative thoughts going around in your head. So, if you are feeling surrounded by too many negative thoughts just smile. It may be hard to do so at the start, but with practice, it will eventually become a habit.

#Appericate Yourself

Self-appreciation is equally important as not beating yourself if you make a mistake. When you finish something pat yourself on the back. Marking something off your ‘To Do list’ feels good enough as it is, but if you reward yourself, even with something small, you’ll be proud of yourself and want to accomplish more. Positive affirmation with conviction influences the way you interpret negative events, making you more resilient.

#Don’t Speed Up

Walking too fast, Trying to think fast or eating too fast increases brain thoughts and since our brains are hardwired to think negative, we tend to think of all negative things when we speed up things. If you walk slowly, eat slowly or do normal things slowly (not that slow that would bring a scolding from boss or mother) your brain has time to think calmly. In such situations, you can pass the negative thoughts and focus on positive ones.

#Impart Positivity

Help others, thank those who helped you and show a positive view to someone who is only seeing negative sides of his/her situation. Simply listening can be a positive gesture. Imparting positivity automatically trains the brain to think in a positive way. Helping others or speaking positively to others gives an inner satisfaction to boost positivity. What you Sow, So shall you reap! So give value & spread positivity. This also many a times lower down depression levels.

#Don’t Accept Negativity

Many people will criticize you. It may be wrong what you did, but surely, that is not what you intended. Sometimes even the fear of criticism holds you back from doing something. When you are being criticized, listen attentively but do not respond. Try to form the opposite side of what is being said, this will give you positives in criticism. After the situation clams converse for a constructive feedback. In this manner, we can stop accepting negativity and learn to take criticism in a positive way.

# Music

A perfect stress buster, isn’t it? Music is another way to escape negative thoughts and bring on positive ones. Also, there are a lot of research done & they say that only a particular type of music can make you happy, so only listen to ‘Happy’ music that can, in fact, make you happy.

#Learn Something New

There is no age to learn. Learning something new attracts a certain level of positivity within yourself. Ask your friends, family or co-workers to teach you something new. If no one is around you, learn something online.

# Take A Break

It is essential to take a break. Put yourself away from the daily routine of home-work-home. This break can be in form of 5 mins to 5 days. Trying to work nonstop means you’re wearing yourself out, and each subsequent task you do will get a little sloppier as you lose focus and motivation. A small destination holiday can be a big break from daily routine.

With all said, one must understand that changing attitude is not instant. Positivity will come gradually and it will come with one step at a time. Focus on gradual change. This changes is a long-term goal and will surely bring success.

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