Me vs Me

Me vs Me – There will always be 2 choices!!

What is Me vs Me? When I was about 12 years old, I was pretty sure of which ice-cream flavor to eat and which one not to eat!!

But then ‘adulthood’ happened and so did my brain developed, a little though. Yes, only a little!

During my graduation exams, as I said with the little brain of mine, I wasn’t able to choose whether to take a cheat sheet in exam or no. There were like two voices inside me. One said, “No, it is the wrong thing to do.” While the other said, ” This is the only tuff subject of your final year if you crack it, you will be the ‘Sharmji ka Beta’ for others.”

Ever wondered why we have two choices for something we are about to do. Things which may have both good and bad opinions. We do not hesitate to do the good, or if it generally considered good, like charity. But the other choices which can have varied opinions, we do face this dilemma. For example, Buy an expensive gaming console or no? Should I jump the signal or no?

Here let me introduce the two voices. The Heart and The Brain. And now going back to the above incident. The heart was the one pushing me to cheat. The brain was the one stopping me to cheat. Heart argued, “what if you fail?”. Brain countered “will you be able to leave with the fact that you cheated to become an engineer?”.

Forgetting the fact of how I became an engineer, what point I’m trying to make here is that your Heart & Brain are always on a fight. While one of them chooses the merrier wrong path, the other always choose the harder true path. One of the best examples is Dieting: Brain says not to eat Junk, Heart says “Just this time”.  It is not that only one of them is always right. They play the role of an angel and a devil. For choices in which both play an angel, we do those things without any hesitation.

People with stronger will power are able to always choose what Angel has to say. Do you know what Rehab center teaches you? For a little will power one shows, they enhance it and motivate them to not choose that path again. So that the voices of their heart are subdued and the Angel can take the right decision of not doing drugs again. People with low will power often end up doing what the devil says. In any relationship, if someone mistreats you and because your heart (playing an angel here) still makes you smile at that uncle or aunt, you end up smiling at them. The Devil (your brain) says that “Hey, this person insulted you last time, you shouldn’t interact with him/her”. The heart here says “No matter whatever they do, I will maintain a positive relationship with them”.

So next time when you are about to decide onto something, do not get all confused by the inner conflict. It is just you vs you. To be precise it is your Heart vs your Brain. Do understand who is playing who. Is your heart playing an angel or is it your brain.

Here some cool images that shows the fight between the two.

Do tell me your heart vs your brain story in comments below.

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