5 Motivational Factors Of Your Life

By no means, you can measure a person’s motivation. Our actions speak for it. Less motivated people tend to under power themselves. They do not attempt to do things they are capable of doing. They lack motivation. So, how to get that wheel turning? There are a lot of ways to keep yourself motivated. But, here are the top five ways to keep yourself motivated.


#1 Health

Nothing in the world is important than Health. If you can maintain good health, you have led a successful life. Medical expenses are the one that can bring down empires. So, stay prepared for such unavoidable fall, is of utmost importance. Motivating yourself for that GYM workout, Jogging or exercise is altogether important.


#2 Basic Needs

There is a famous Indian movie called ‘ ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN’ translates to ‘Food, Clothes & Shelter’. That forms the basic need of any human being. Earning to eat, earning to wear clothes & earning for shelter. This is the most important factor which can motivate anyone. In any case, motivation is not only important. Hard work, determination & focus must compliment it.


#3 Family

Parents, Siblings, Spouse & Kids are the ones who will love you the most, no matter what. It’s them you should always think of before taking any step in life. Parents are the ones who have brought you into this world, made you capable of what you are. Gave you everything they could. They also sacrificed their meal, so that you can have your food. Siblings are your nappy-friends. They know you in-n-out. Your likes, dislikes, and everything, Spouse – the love of your life. No matter arranged or love marriage, the knots of tied in heaven. Spouse is that paper in your life. Scratch your anger, sketch out your love, use it as your cry. Kids! Oh! The most unconditional love you can give. So what my point here is that every day when you get up, Family is the one thing that can motivate you. That big house, the luxury car that you want to buy or that holiday planned for your parents. Everything that you think doing for your family should come out in small things you do.


#4 Life Goal

When I was a kid, I dreamed about a bedroom with a 5.1 surround sound music system with a big TV connected to a gaming console. A small bed and functional wardrobe. But today that changed to a 2 BHK apartment with AC & TV. With life going ahead the goals changed. You should always plan for future, as you will be going there.


#5 Comfort/ Luxury Living

A high standard of living is something that everyone dreams. Remember how kings of old times used to live. 3-4 assistants to help you bathe, get ready and live for your work. Prepares food, cleans your clothes, and what not. A crave for luxury motivates you to do better and work harder.


To sum it up, Motivation is something that drives us. It tells us to take specific steps in a certain direction at the correct time. Doing what it takes is something else, that’s hard work. Motivation without hard work won’t lead you anywhere and vice-versa. But motivation with hard work gets you somewhere. Not to the moon, but at least into space.

So, always have that goal in mind, break it down & start working towards it.

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