Dedicated Hosting India

Why Choose a Dedicated Server for Hosting?

In the hosting industry, a dedicated server referred to as a hosting package. It offers to hosts a website with all the resources allocated to a single website. One can find a lot of hosting service providers who offer a variety of plans and their prices are fixed upon the hardware and resource allocation.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the hosting types, which allows site owners or webmasters to leases the entire server without sharing its resources with any other website. When compared with all hosting types, this has a particular advantage of having full control over the machine and it’s resources.

Dedicated Server Features

  • have the latest hardware technology to ensure the hosted site’s best performance.
  • Must be located in a highly secured and monitored data center for delivering enhanced security features.
  • Must have 99.99% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 online support.
  • All dedicated hosting plans must offer the option for users to select managed or unmanaged hosting.
  • Dedicated servers will offer its service along with multiple bandwidth providers.

Why Choose A Dedicated Server 

Unlike other hosting plans, it offers an ultimate powerful hosting along with high-level security features. Besides, users/webmasters can enjoy full control over the entire physical server if it is an unmanaged hosting service. 

Here are the lists of few reasons to choose such a service

  • Handles High-Level Traffic: The site performs seamlessly even it receives heavy visitors. Dedicated servers are highly capable of delivering consistent performance to manage all levels of traffic. In most cases, e-commerce could be highly beneficial by opting for these plans.
  • Cost Savings – Pay for What You Use: This allows you to upgrade resources at any time; therefore, you can optimize your server resource according to your site resource and pay for what you use. Upgrading the resources according to the site’s growth would be the wise option to avail of a cost-effective hosting service in a dedicated hosting plan. 
  • Reliable Bandwidth Features:  A Reliable bandwidth will ensure better data transfer from the server. Without a compromise on getting bandwidth, such plans are worth the money.
  • Fully customizable: There will not be any restrictions for the site owners or webmasters to utilize server resources and to customize according to the site need. 
  • Well-Maintained Software and Hardware: Service providers will maintain the server’s hardware and network software to ensure reliable uptime. Owing to that, there won’t be any expected server downtime.

Advantages of Dedicated Server

1. Exclusive Use of Server Resources

Webmasters or site owners can make use of the entire host server for their exclusive usage. Owing to that, a hosted site can enjoy a significant amount of advantage when compared with other hosting types like shared hosting and VPS hosting. Exclusive utilization of CPU and RAM resources of the server ensures better performances of the hosted site.

This allows you to run third party applications or to implement any additional services for your site.

2. Higher Level of Security:

When it comes to gaining a higher level of security for your site, noting would match with a DS. Since the server resources not shared with other sites, owners can avail more control. In addition, the physical security of the server too will be on the high-level secure data center with well-controlled access points.

With such a high level of security, the site’s privacy policy will not be comprised under any circumstances and you do not need to worry about leaking your customers’ data/information.

3. Reliable Infrastructure:

Unlike other hosting types, dedicated servers placed in a well-maintained and highly secured data center. An uninterrupted power supply along with automatic backup options is another aspect that strengthens your website. With such supreme infrastructure and reliable power sources, the server ensures offering better uptime than other types of hosting.

4. Unique IP Address

Having a unique IP address for your website will be always a plus for your site performance in the aspects of SEO. However, gaining a unique IP address in other types of hosting plans will cost you extra. But, in the dedicated hosting unique IP address comes along with the features of dedicated server hosting plans, since site utilizes full server without sharing to other sites.

5. Provides Top Line Hosting Equipments

To be frank, availing such hosting is more like an investment for your business. The hosting plan will assure you future proof of hosting technologies for your website. With such assurance, your websites can avail all those hosting technology advances and ensures better performances. By performing better service, your site ensures your business growth.  This could act as a future-proof for your business without spending any extra amount.

Why choose eWebGuru Hosting Solution? 

eWebGuru is one of the leading hosting solution providers in India and delivers an enterprise-level hosting solution to all types of websites for affordable rates.

By offering a wide range of add-ons and superior datacenter, eWebGuru ensures their clients avail better hosting experiences. eWebGuru offers Cloud-based hosting and Bare Metal Server hosting types. Both hosting plans will gain the edge of utilizing advanced hosting technology.


Making use of the dedicated server hosting will be hugely beneficial by offering reliable service, this eventually leads to profitable business by creating trust among customers. Besides, webmasters or site owners can avail 24/7/365 on-premise customer support from the service provider.

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