Cheese Chilli Toast by Jigar Desai

Cheese Chilli Toast 10 Mins Recipe | Indian Veg Recipes

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Cheese chilli toast – I can’t make things simpler than this.

For all those who find large menus at restaurants boring, here is the one dish that will satisfy your hunger craving. This dish gets prepared in about 10 mins and trust me there is no correct time to eat this. For a Gujju like me after a heavy Sunday lunch done at about 2 p.m. and who finishes dinner before 8 p.m. regularly, this is a perfect idea for an Sunday evening.

Go on try it, and let me know how it was.

Maybe you can add Olive, Jalapenos, or any veggies you like. But don’t complicate it. Keep it simple, one veggie on 1 slice. Corns can be added to compliment the taste.

I’ve mentioned this under breakfast because, it will be a very good option to make it using Brown bread instead of white. But the taste of Garlic and Brown bread dosen’t go well.

Cheese Chilli Toast is also a handy option for birthday parties and surprise guests.

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