Misal Pav 30mins Recipe | Plus 8 Variations

Misal Pav History

Misal Pav from Maharashtra, known for its high spice content, originated in Pune. The prep time is 30 mins, and the pre-prep is 1 day. So if you want to eat Misal Pav, you have to plan it a day ahead.


In 2015, the misal pav was named the world’s tastiest vegetarian dish at the Foodie Hubs Awards in London. This misal pav is served at Dadar’s Aaswad restaurant.

Cook Time: 00:30 Mins

Misal Pav Recipe for 2


For Base Paste

# 2-3 Coconut grated
# 2 Onions Cut into 6-8 pieces
# 1 Tomatoes Cut into 4-6 pieces
# 3 Tbsp Garlic paste
# 2 Tbsp Ginger paste
# # 1 Cardamom
# 4-5 Black Pepper Seeds
# 2 Cloves
# 1 Bay Leaf
# 2 inch Cinnamon
# 1 tbsp Fennel Seeds


For Sides

# 1 onion finely chopped
# 1/4 lemon
#Corriander Leaves too garnish


For Main Dish

# 250 gms mixed portions of cereal – 24hours water-soaked {or just Matki/Mooth beans if you like}
# 1-2 Table Spoon Misal Masala / Goda Masala / Garam Masala
# 4 Spoons Oil
# 150 gms mixed Farsan
# 4-6 Pav
# Salt to taste


Pre Preparation:

# Soak the cereals in the water at least 24 hours before making the dish
# Using same water that was used to soak the cereals half-cook them in a pressure cooker for 2-3 whistles
# After the cereals are cooked do not discard the water, this will be used in gravy


Misal Pav Recipe

> Dry roast the coconut powder in a vessel till brown.
> Then put this roasted coconut aside to cool naturally.
> In the same vessel add 1/2 tsp oil and roast Cardamom, Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Cloves & Black Pepper.
> Add onions after the dry masala is roasted properly
> Add ginger, garlic paste
> Cook this mixture for about 4-5 mins
> Add tomatoes and cook for another 2-3 mins.
> Now remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool naturally.
> Add this mixture to the roasted coconut in a small mixy jar and make a paste out of it.
> Take a big vessel, put 4 tbsp oil, when oil is properly heated add the Coconut Onion Tomato paste.
> Let the paste cook for 2-3 mins
> Add the cereal and the water
> Add a small lump of jaggery (only if you want)
> Allow the whole thing to cook well, until you see oil getting separated 
> Now using a shallow spoon put only cereals in a small bowl / Vati.
> Now add the Farsan about 2-3 spoons
> Pour a lot of gravy & add some Cut/Tarri on top
> Garnish with fresh coriander leaves & finely chopped onions
> Serve the plate with 3 pav, chopped onions & lemon

Misal Pav Variations

# Replacing Puneri Masala with – Kolhapuri masala or Nagpuri masala or Nashik Masala
# Replacing Farsan with – Plain Spicy Sev
# Adding Curd to misal
#At the base of misal, one can add Potato Bhaji (Sukha bhaji)
# Serving this dish without the Farsan makes it Usal Pav
# Batata Wada with Usal makes it Wada Usal

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